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Agricultural Projects

Community Garden Project

On this page we will be featuring several projects that are happening in Albion related to gardening, and farmers. As we get more information and photos, we will post them. We will be including contact information, maps, and other resources. These local projects will benefit with your participation, and you will benefit from eating locally grown food, and helping to plant gardens that make Albion beautiful.
The projects we will start with are:

  • Farmers' Market
  • Citizens to Beautify Albion
  • Community Gardening
  • Locally raised meat

Look for posts, photos and links to more information about all of these projects soon!
As we get more information on things growing in Albion, we will be posting it here!


We are a grassroots organization founded by Richard and Elverta Weatherford in 1985, dedicated to beautifying Albion by planting flowers along the entrances and business loop of Albion. This is accomplished by raising funds with the annual Men Who Cook fundraiser and having community volunteers plant and maintain the flowers during the summer season. The Weatherford Garden is also maintained along with permanent flower planters in the downtown business district. More info

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